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Glassrooms commercial a specialist façade and cladding contractor who provides professional façade repairs. Facades go through their fair share of wear and tear, which means that ensuring that you spot issues before they have a chance to deteriorate, remains imperative. Should you spot a problem, whether this may be cosmetic damage or deeper issues such as leaking, Premier Aluminium  are on hand to provide reliable façade repairs 

 including: Rain screen Cladding; Fire Barriers; Insulation and  all aspect of Commercial Structural Glass.

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Modern facades become obsolete through age, structural issues, weather or more commonly, changes to regulations. Existing buildings which act as dwellings must comply with any updated regulations. We carry out a wide range of façade replacement and repair projects

we are specialists in rectifying/correcting safely cladding façade buildings,

Facades & Cladding Replacement Solutions

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Facade cladding is the ‘outer skin of a building’. Facade cladding is not only used to protect a building against environmental conditions, it also determines the appearance of a building. One of the most optimal materials for this is pre-coated aluminium; due to its functionality, relatively low price and aesthetics.

Understanding Government Regulations


When considering the suitability of the cladding materials used on your project its critical to first understand the latest regulatory guidance issued by the local government.  In the UK all buildings have a minimum fire rating specification based on the height of the building , which is required by law.

Commercial Structural Glass


Glassrooms Commercial  has loads of experience with this service, using respected equipment brands and trusted material providers.

From structural glass roofs and facades to thermally broken aluminium systems, internal frameless office partitions and structural glass balustrading



We are Nationwide

Our services are available on a bespoke basis to suit our client's needs. 
With over 40 years experience we are well equipped to deal with any size of project with all modern façade and cladding elements from the tender process right through, including full design detail, scheduling and document management.

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Certifications  & Compliance


Façade Glazing & Architectural  Structural Glass

Customized for you

Rainscreen Solutions


Curtain Walling


We do every size job at Glassrooms Commercial,  for a no obligation consultation give us a call today.


Latest Projects

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X1 Plaza Manchester

Exceptional Achievement

X1 Plaza Development
Great Ancoat Street Manchester
194 residential apartments with penthouse suites overlooking Manchester and the emirate stadium home of Manchester city FC
DK Architects
Value £440k
Over 500 metres of structural frameless glass balconies
3nr winterwall facades consisting of powder coated base rails glazed with toughened and laminated barrier glass and perforated panels

Velocity Towers

Certification achieved to EWS1 conformity

To make safe a 21 story residential apartment tower in Sheffield City Centre for a Dubai consortium, designing and replacing non compliant materials to the external facades and new internal glass balconies 

Glassrooms commercial  acted as principle designer and contractor for this 1.8 million pound  project 

Market Hall Anglesey

Heritage Building

Heritage building in the heart of Anglesey working for an award winning architects and specialist heritage and conservation building contractors to introduce frameless glass balconies and offices to the market street visitors center

Glass Architecture

Designed  to specification

Maximising your living area is key to creating a functional and stylish home. Our cutting-edge version of a traditional extension/conservatory is taking the home improvement market by storm - creating wonderfully light, energy efficient spaces that breathe new life into properties old and new. From the most ambitious architecturally driven project to the simplicity of a glass roof, GlassRooms offers a unique, practical design and installation service at extremely competitive rates.

The GlassRooms system has been designed by award winning architects, structural glass engineers and leading independent test engineers. Constructed in-house at our factory, from toughened glass units, specified to meet the needs of your environmental demands, our system manages heat loss and solar gain with the state of the art glass technology.


Partnership working

Why we're unique

At Glassrooms Commercial we are proud of the reputation we have established as a leading façade Company. We’ve done this with a meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of our work. We want you to enjoy the results long after the project is completed. Working collaboratively with other companies offers a full and complete service

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Working in Partnership

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